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Positive effect:

As a result of the ground barriers, vehicle pollution dropped and most businesses were forced to shut down for several months. As a result, the level of pollution dropped sharply. Small carbon emissions have improved air quality. People could see clear skies in many places that they had not yet seen. This made us think about other ways of doing things in our world in the name of evolution.

The global oil industry's carbon emissions are projected to decline 2.5 billion tonnes this year, or 5%.

People are forced to live in their own homes, and animals and birds roam freely, as if returning their space to Earth. Damaged rivers are also being rebuilt after industrialization, so there is no industrial waste and people cannot throw garbage into rivers. While this is all temporary, we can imagine the human impact on biodiversity.

Thanks to COVID-19, will most people work from home, the which has a positive impact on the environment.Because by the this
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Consumer demand for basic necessities temporarily declined. Consequently, it affects the production of luxury goods. This includes the environment as materialism is the main cause of pollution.

Negative impact:

COVID-19 has forced people to wear masks and gloves. Doctors wear protective clothing (PPE) for protection. Disposable masks, gloves and PPE all contribute to the generation of plastic waste. And the growing number of COVID-19 patients is generating tons of medical waste. In many cases, this waste is not properly disposed of and is a health hazard.

Due to declining revenues in the oil and gas industry, some companies do not prioritize fixing gas leaks, so methane emissions are increasing.

Countries can postpone climate negotiations so that economies can grow faster. Leaders can ignore deadlines for carbon cuts and not focus on green energy as economic recovery is a priority in many countries right now. Assignment Writing In Australia are willing to help you.We have a team of experts, they understand your project requirement properly and then provide you 100% plagiarism free writing for your Entrepreneurship Assignment Help in Australia  . So what are you think just come and chat with our experts and tell them your problems and get a free quote?


While the climate in the fight against COVID-19 has improved, the change is not encouraging. This is due to the loss of millions of jobs. But this stage made us understand that if we are ready to act, nature can change. We need to focus more on  Assignment Help Scotland .



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